Excessive oil consumption. Solved.

First, check to see whether the leaking oil. Follows it drops - it should be removed. Secondly, change the category of oil to another. The engine may be a fake or low quality oil, drop down into the sediment with sediment, and having an increased fervor. Separator clogging deposits, and drops of engine oil get into the intake manifold through the ventilation. Therefore, consumption of oil is obtained due to a failure in the ventilation system.

The work of the ventilation system can be estimated in this way. Dip the ends of the disconnected vent pipes in plastic bottles. Plug the hole in the intake manifold, so that did not happen abnormal suction. After traveling about 100 miles so you will see in the bottle, the quantity of oil missed the ventilation system. If it is a lot, then you need to remove and clean the entire ventilation system.
If cleaning does not help, you have to make such a diagnosis. Determine when the oil is spent more - when you move across town or on the highway. For example, a piston or a failure of the ventilation system is suspected when a large flow of oil on the track, and the failure of valve stem seals on the valves - excessive oil consumption in the city.
Valve stem seals may be defective, if, after a brief period of idling quickly press the gas pedal, then from the exhaust pipe clubs appear blue smoke. Each subsequent round of smoke will be less intense. In such a situation is to replace the valve stem seals. Steps to replace the valve stem seals are made without disassembly of the cylinder head and take a little time, provided that the valve guide bushings are not worn out and require replacement. Time for repair also depends on engine design.
A large consumption of oil on the track said that problems with the piston group. Therefore, when moving with considerable speed, especially when the rise will go smoke from the exhaust pipe. In this case, you can check the valve stem of the Rings. For their cleaning additives are used. The preferred additives are added to the fuel, in extreme cases can be added to the oil. If that fails, then there are two ways. First, make an analysis of the engine and cleansing of all the details. While you can find parts to be replaced. Second, try to reduce oil consumption. To do this, apply the oil with higher viscosity. In summer it is the best way for any reason, the increased oil consumption.
Oil consumption due to a faulty turbine exhaust gases to be seen. With the engine warms up the amount of blue smoke would rise. In such a situation should turn to professionals.