Where Oil comes from and why do we need oil?

Oil produced from crude oil during the distillation and purification. First - oil is, roughly speaking, overrotten remnants of vegetation and living organisms. Oil derivatives also include: gasoline, kerosene, light and lubricants, motor and transmission oils, resins, waxes, and various aromatic hydrocarbons. One hundred years ago the division of the components of crude oil produced by office when heated to certain temperatures. Fifty years ago, people learned more accurately separate the components of oil using solvents and thickeners. Currently in production for cleaning products from crude oil using high-tech equipment, which can achieve precise heating to high temperatures under high pressure. 

Why do we need oil for engine? 
Motor engine oil is used for several purposes. First of all, obviously, oil acts as a lubricant. If your engine is working properly, then in almost no contact with the metal is not metal - all moving parts are covered with a thin layer of butter on top. However, the oil performs in parallel a number of other important tasks. Oil circulating around your engine and cools parts that can not cool the engine water cooling system. In the gearbox can not use either water or air cooling - oil is used. There is often a useful property is used in sport bikes to spray oil on the bottom of the bearing to cool it. 
Piston rings are not always tightly hold pressure. Some of the products of combustion will likely get past the rings into the engine. These can be particles and carbon including. You remember from school course that the diamond - is carbon that was combined under heat and tysku.Tak here, these little particles of carbon can be very dangerous for the engine. The second function of motor oil - to deliver on these carbon particles in suspension to the oil filter that will stop them. Also, if low-quality gasoline and contains much sulfur, this sulfur can react with water and oxygen to form sulfuric acid. All these factors are very badly affecting your engine. Oil is, in turn, contains ingredients to neutralize the acid. Finally, your engine can get the tool output resin, wax and other harmful ingredients. Motor oil also contains solvents that dissolve plaque and keep your engine clean.